KZ POWER – Generator Sets

KZ POWER is founded in 2009 Istanbul, Turkey, with more than 15 years of backround experience in Diesel
. KZ POWER positioned itself with highly experienced team of experts, as a full-service provider of
energy concepts.

KZ POWER is a customer oriented, ISO certified company who, in a short period, exported diesel generator sets
from 10 to 2500 kVA to more than 55 countries countries all around the world including Europe, Africa, Middle
East and Asia..

Thanks to its production capacity growing day-to-day, following technological progress, investments in
research and development, innovation in product line, timely responses to consumer requests, high quality,
fast delivery, and international after sales service with wide range of spare parts, KZ POWER reached its goals
to be an ideal solution partner for its valuable customers in their business organizations.

We aim to provide highest level of quality for your energy projects.
Our engineering and sales team’s target is to serve our customers innovative and effective solutions to meet
their demands.
KZ POWER’s mission is to become a worldwide recognized brand name.

High quality products of KZ POWER are manufactured in the 3500 m2 facilites, in Istanbul. Skilled and experienced
staff members create these powerful generators as they know that “Life is energy. Energy is life…”.
We invite you to come visit our facility to see firsthand what type of operation we have, inspect any on-site
generator, and watch a load test of any genset you are interested in purchasing.

We are continually striving to improve our products and service. With an export track more than 55 countries,
we serve our customers promptly and efficiently, and our experienced dealers around the world will deliver the
power systems and support that you need.
Issues such as the reduction of emissions and noise are new challenges encountered by the modern energy
supply industry. KZ POWER successfully overcome these challenges with innovative solutions.
KZ POWER increases its investments continuously in technology to remain the pioneer of change by the manufacturing
of more sound and rustproof, environment-friendly generators with lower fuel consumption.

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